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Training Center for Higher Courses

"Dr. Music" Groups

The European Academy of Music Therapy (EAMT) is a founding member of the "Dr. Music" Groups. It is located in Bulgaria. Together with partner organizations, EAMT founded the Training Center for Higher Courses of Music Therapy which has 2 training departments: in Bulgaria (Elenite, Bourgas District) and Russia (Moscow).

There is also the practice of on-site courses (any country) on special contractual terms.

The training center offers higher course in music therapy and special task-oriented trainings on any of the advanced technologies developed by the "Dr. Music" Groups. Choose your High Technology and get special training....

The Higher Music Therapy Course includes 3 levels (A, B, C). This is full online training which is intended to specialists with higher education: doctors, musicians, psychologists, teachers, etc.

 Higher Courses details

The education program is developed from the authors’ course of professor Sergey Shushardzhan.  Advanced teaching methods are used on the Music Therapy Courses. Every student can study the traditional (empirical) and evidence-based approaches in music therapy and can master the modern scientific and theoretical base.

After the end of the Course the students get diplomas (after higher courses), certificates (after thematic courses) of EU. These documents give the rights to receive patients, teach, to start the own business in any country of Europe and Russia. 

Training process

Lectures, workshops, master classes 

On-line Lectures 

Research skills

Vocal Therapy 

Analgesic Music Tharapy 

Anti-Aging Music Therapy 

Elementary Music Therapy

After session



The total cost of the whole Training Course (Stages A. B,C)  is 2700 €. If paid in installments, the cost of training would be  2860 (allowed payment by 2 equal parts of 1430 €). 

Why choose us ?

Having exellent price

√   You will get unique knowledge in Music Therapy 

√   You will be provided with innovative equipment

 √  You will be out of the competition in a short time

In whole all training process takes from a few months to a year. During this period our graduates become real professionals in their field. The students master knowledge and technologies confidently which have no analogies in the World.

At the end of training the Music Therapist diploma is given. This document has the state confirmation of EU.


Jobs in any country

Our graduates are advanced professionals which demanded in different countries. They have a successful practice because perfectly know their business.

Own Misic Therapy business

The ability to start own business  includes the brand "Doctor Music" with unique technologies - a guarantee of success!

The Opportunity to teach at Universities

Leading Universities  open departments, faculties or music therapy courses with great pleasure. Therefore to teach is a good opening.

Decent earnings

The Exclusiveness of the training and the efficiency of our graduates is high earnings in any chosen field of activity.

A lot of our graduates have started their own business, or  been enlisted in various therapeutic or educational organizations in  Germany, Estonia, Bulgaria, Poland, the US, Israel, Russia, etc.

Gratitude from the famous British doctor Archie Brain for the excellent work of our graduates Anastasya and Alexey on Seychelles

Gratitude from the rehabilitologist Svetlana Boldt, Berlin, Germany

Dear Prof. Dr. Shushardzhan ! Before your courses, I studied music therapy at the University of Munich for two years. What I learned from you impressed me.  Everything is justified and harmoniously stated. Every one week here exceeds in all respects two years of study in Germany.

Thank you for the science!

European Academy of Music TherapyTaliana Beach Hotel, Elenite, Bulgaria, EU